District Map

Architecturally, Artesia’s history is preserved in many landmark buildings in the Depotdowntown core and ACD that reflect its railroad and industrial heritage. On the eastern edge of the downtown ACD, the historic Mission Revival A.T. and SF Railroad depot and the towering magnificent Navajo Refinery provide a unique juxtaposition of design interest. On the northern edge of the district, broad Eagle Draw is a greenbelt that offers welcome shade and recreational facilities, but also has served as a boundary to the large Hispanic neighborhood to the north.

Bustling commercial activity on the western edge of downtown, at the intersection of Seventh and Main reflects more contemporary architectural styles, and dynamic growth in hotels and housing developments is expanding westward along Main and key intersections at 13th and 21st streets.

The southern boundary of the ACD at Richardson Avenue outlines some of Artesia’s outstanding historic homes and the WPA era Central Park. Within the ACD itself, a stunning variety of Twentieth Century architecture is easily accessible on foot, including cozy bungalows, elegant International style houses, Pueblo revival compounds, and superb midcentury modernist commercial buildings of the 1950s and 1960s. More recent landmarks in the district include the sophisticated complex of Yates company headquarter buildings, the recent art deco inspired Hotel Artesia, the striking adaptive reuse of the Ocotillo Theater, and of course the monumental new Artesia Public Library.

Artesia Art District Map

The Artesia Walking Tour begins at the Train Depot and the Artesia Visitor’s Center. The tour proceeds through town, stopping at each of our History in Bronze monuments. DOWNLOAD WALKING TOUR BROCHURE